Reims Lasallian Itinerary

T his guided tour is for pilgrims who want to put their footsteps in those of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

T hey should not be surprised to be led less often to churches than on the cobblestones of the city in search of a simple house or school now gone. This is the itinerary of a man who was passionate about the schooling of the sons of the people, because he felt that the Good News of Jesus Christ was to be announced to all children, through education.

M ay this itinerary inspire today’s teachers and educators who find their inspiration in his founding experience.

T he route in Reims is divided into eight stages:
  • 1 : Hôtel de La Salle, the birthplace
  • 2 : Cathédrale
  • 3 et 4 : Rue Vauthier Lenoir et collège université
  • 5 : Lycée Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle
  • 6 : Soeurs de l'Enfant Jésus/ Sisters of the Child Jesus
  • 7 : Le quartier Saint Maurice
  • 8 : Basilique Saint Remi

  • On this map, click on each of the numbered circles to have information